Có thể lấy được bằng cách clear Fate/EXTRA Last Encore Commemoration Quest.

Effect Edit

Normal Effect
Max Limit Break Effect
Increase the Mystic Code EXP Gained After Clearing a Quest by 50 points.

Lore Edit

Cards with Similar Effects Edit

Mystic Code EXP Personal Lesson Gold First Order FateApocryphaIcon Icon594 Icon595 Icon596 Icon597 Icon598 Icon599 Icon600 Icon601 Icon602 Icon603 Icon604 Icon605 Icon606 Icon607 Icon608 Icon609 Icon610 Icon611 Icon612 Icon614 Icon613 Icon615 Icon616 Icon617 Icon618 Icon620 Icon619 Icon621 Icon622 Icon623 Icon624 Icon625 Icon626 Icon627 Icon628 Icon629 Icon630 Icon631 Icon632 Icon633 Icon634 Icon635 Icon636 Icon637 Icon638 CEicon639 Icon640 Icon659

Trivia Edit

  • This CE features Nero Claudius and Hakuno Kishinami (male version).